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Stationery for Startup Business Lancing

If you want the one stop shop for all the stationery for startup business Lancing clients need come and say Hello and welcome to Ocean Press!  We take the stress out of getting your printing done!  New businesses need the right documentation in place to smooth the running, communicating with your customers, help with record keeping, track and deliver products.  When you need business cards, letterheads, delivery notes, invoices, labels, posters, leaflets, company brochures and more, we’ll help you design and print everything your business requires.

Stationery for startup business Lancing

Stationery for startup business Lancing

Stationery for Startup Business – Get Great Deals!

With a trusted name and many years in the printing business in the Lancing area, we’re offering great deals for startup clients.  So come and have a consultation with us here at Ocean Press.  Ocean Press can partner with you for a successful startup to your business and professional printing of your stationery items in Lancing.  We will take your instructions, and can share our experience and turn your ideas into professional printed items at the most economical rates.  We have the latest computer-to-plate technology and this means that your startup stationery will look totally professional and attractive.

We don’t just print on any item but we can laminate in gloss or matte to protect the paper and give the job a high class finish, collating, numbering, perforating, glueing and folding are all all available on request.  And of course we always deliver on time – every time.  Our customers in Lancing but also across the world trust us to deliver on our promises time after time.  Please ask us about our special introductory rates for stationery for startup business Lancing customers can really benefit from – call us for a chat and ask any questions you need to.

Our Lancing customers are very happy with the quality of service and value for money we offer. A lot of our new printing work comes through word of mouth from clients seeing what we have produced for other businesses.  We’re always happy to discuss every aspect of a printing job and oversee it right til the end, checking at every stage for accuracy of production, colour and quality.  That’s why our customer base continues to grow. Businesses that have used our services are always very pleased with the results, so why not join our customers when you want stationery for startup business Lancing – and let us help you start up a great business with stationery – and an image – to be proud of!

Contact us for a discussion of your needs.



Business Brochures Lancing

When it comes to business brochures Lancing customers frequently come to us for professional printing at great prices!  We supply a huge range of brochures, colour leaflets as well as business printing of all descriptions.  We’re happy to print from your own design or offer advice and help at the design stage if preferred.  Of course, we print colour proofs so that you can check and ensure that everything is perfect before we print your brochure.

Contact us for Business Brochures Lancing

Business Brochures Lancing

Business Brochures Lancing

To present your business to potential partners and contacts you need the most good value but also high quality eye-catching printed materials.  Ocean Press tenders the same service always – whether we’re producing short or long runs, whatever the customer wants – brochures, full colour leaflets, business cards, letterheads and more – to the same high standards.  That’s what Ocean Press’s business has been built on over the last 20 years.

When it comes to business brochures, we can reproduce the design and artwork you have chosen in house or use what you supply us.  We can print the perfect brochure for your business with our state of the art printing technology and a team of experts built up after years in the printing business.

We ensure that all our products are made to our exacting standards and delivered on time. With a constant eye on investment in the latest technology we create the most up to date printed matter, business brochures and many other items for our clients.  A full range of brochures and leaflets is produced at our factory.  So if you require any kind of business brochures Lancing area clients feel free to come along and see what’s going on and discuss your requirements with our team. However we also print for clients further afield in Sussex, even abroad.

Visit Ocean Press for Business Brochures Lancing, Sussex

We are happy to show potential clients how we make your product, show you our stock of paper for you to choose and give you advice as to which medium will work best for your brochure.  Believe us when we say, after decades of doing top quality printing, we’ve seen and created all kinds of brochures and know how they perform in daily use.  Our customers wishes come first, but we’re happy to pass on the benefit of our knowledge and experience when it comes to printing brochures for your business.  You don’t want to receive your box and open it to find smudged or blurred print so each batch is scrutinised minutely for quality before we send it.

We aim to produce the whole brochure to your specifications and exceed our valued customers’ expectations.  If you want laminated brochures, or any other kind of service such as folding, cutting, creasing, then we’re able to do whatever you need.

So give Ocean Press a call for the most professional business brochures Lancing printers can provide – you’ll be glad you did!




Business Cards Lancing

Want a really special business card at a price that’s right?  Ocean Press are experts at creating business cards and business stationery products for all of our great customers in the Lancing and Sussex area.  We’re always happy to discuss your needs, so for the best quality business cards Lancing and Sussex customers please call our team here at Ocean Press.

Ocean Press Business Cards Lancing

We take the stress out of getting your printing done!  Happy to discuss any aspect of your printing job, we aim to ensure that you get something that’s even better than expected.

At Ocean Press, we work with you, the customer, to achieve what you want in the most economical way possible. We’re here to produce the perfect business card for you with a complete in house service, designing and printing your business cards in a huge variety of colours, papers, designs, together with embellishments or special finishes of your choice.  Whatever type of business card you need to be printed, we have the skills and technology to get it done for you, on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

Business Cards Lancing

Business Cards Lancing

Your business card is the first but also a lasting symbol of your business.  It should have enough detail to encapsulate what you and your business is about, whilst being eye-catching, plus robust enough to withstand handling without getting smudged, and – finally – delivered on time so that you can get it out to your contacts as soon as possible!  A trusted company of over 20 years standing, Ocean Press produce the highest quality business cards, business stationery, posters, leaflets, publicity material and more in Lancing for customers all around Sussex and further afield.

Ocean Press Business Cards Lancing, Sussex.

Ocean Press have been working in the printing industry in the Lancing area for decades and we constantly look to update our printing techniques and methods and to meet and exceed our exacting standards. So whatever you need us to print, call us with confidence.   We pride ourselves on meeting your deadlines, providing economical services and take great care to ensure that every order is exactly as the customer desires before we send it to you.  We get any printing job done for you, on time and to the highest standard.

Ocean Press started out as a small concern, printing business producing items such as headed paper, business cards, and envelopes. We have expanded our company and our services but still we take the same care and effort into producing those small items, short print runs, one pack of business cards will receive the same care as a 10,000 full colour leaflets.

Come to Ocean Press for an exemplary service, printing services for customers wanting business cards Lancing area and beyond.

Business Card Printers Lancing

For the design and printing of the slickest business card printers Lancing customers come to Ocean Press – we’re a one stop shop for top quality business cards.

Business Card Printers Lancing

A great first impression is created by your business card and so it must be perfect.  Meeting and giving someone your business card might be the first step towards a successful business partnership.  Your business card is a microcosmic image expressing all that you and your business stand for.  You want your business card to stand out over all the other business cards out there.  So if you have an idea, however individual, creative or businesslike, your Lancing printers Ocean Press can help you develop it into a business card that reflects what you’re all about.

Business Card Printers Lancing

Business Card Printers Lancing

From premium business cards to Luxe and embellished, with bespoke designs and special finishes, we work with you to make sure your business card looks exactly how you want it to, and projects the best possible image of you and your company.  We will work with you to design and print business cards, customised for your company, in full colour, with a variety of special finishes to suit.

Your Business Card – Your Design

Please call us to discuss what you would like in your business card and what details need to be included.  Our most popular business cards are printed in full colour onto both sides of 400 gsm card and laminated. For that extra impact we can add a spot UV varnish which will really make the logo or strap line stand out. We can print business cards onto a wide range of materials including textured finishes and recycled papers.

Ocean Press are Business Card Printers – and more!

We always deliver on time and check every delivery so that you always get the business cards that you asked for.  Order your business card from business card printers Lancing – Ocean Press are the experts on all kinds of office stationery for business and private use.

When they choose Ocean Press for design and production of their business card Lancing customers benefit from a team which has been built up over 30 years.  With ever updating technology and methods, we can create your business cards, your office stationery, and much more, always high quality and timed to perfection.

When it comes to business cards, or any other kind of publicity – come to us.  If you can tell us what you need, we can print it!


Business Stationery Lancing

If they are looking for the best business stationery Lancing customers trust Ocean Press to supply everything they need.  We work with our customers to achieve high quality results for all kinds of printed material in the most economical way possible.

Ocean Press have worked in the printing industry for over 20 years.  As a leading local firm printing business stationery and many other products in our Lancing factory, we strive to always bring you the best in business stationery products and a service that is fast and efficient.

Ocean Press Business Stationery Lancing

Taking the stress out of business printing, we produce, on a daily basis, in our factory in Lancing, Sussex, all kinds of business stationery for everyday use.  With fast turnaround speeds, we keep your business running smoothly.

So if you need Business Stationery items such as:

Business Stationery Lancing

Business Stationery Lancing

  • Headed paper
  • Envelopes
  • Business cards
  • Delivery notes
  • Invoice sets
  • Compliment slips
  • Forms
  • Carbonless forms,
  • Notepads

…and much more – call us now.

(In fact, if we can put ink on it, we’ll print it!).

High quality business printing advertises your services to the outside world in the right way.  So come to Ocean Press for stunning designs and great service.   Call us to discuss what you would like for the right price.  We’ll give you all the help and expert advice about how to achieve it.

We constantly update our methods and equipment to offer a full design and printing service that business stationery Lancing customers – and many others around the UK too – rely on.

For Best Business Stationery Lancing customers come to Ocean Press

With business stationery it’s so important to choose a style that suits.   We know you require stringent attention to detail, plus meeting delivery expectations and this is what we give you.  We agree every aspect of the job with you to make sure the finished product is exactly what you want.

Business Printing Lancing

When it comes to high quality business printing Lancing customers trust us here at Ocean Press.  We have been doing business printing for over 15 years in Lancing.

In fact, if we can put ink on it, we will print it!

Ocean Press produce high quality business printing Lancing customers use every day to promote their services.  We know how much a great visual impression is worth!  High quality stationery speaks volumes about your company.  So getting this done by a professional printer is essential!

Come to Ocean Press for Business Printing such as:

Business printing Lancing

Business printing Lancing

Business cards
Headed Paper and Envelopes
Publicity leaflets, Brochures
Carbonless forms, Pads
And much more – ask us for a quote!

We offer a complete design and printing service for our business customers and we are continually updating our printing techniques and production methods to promote efficiency. As a result we can produce best quality printing of your business stationery at the most economical rates around.

Ocean Press are stringent about quality control and good value, and meeting deadlines, which makes the whole process of getting printed matter for our clients as easy as possible.  Therefore, our business printing customers in Lancing are happy to come back again and again.

It’s important to keep up with trends in modern business printing and here’s where we excel.  Some customers come with a design in mind, but not all.  We can provide a complete design and print service and know how to create exactly the right impression.  Ocean Press not only work with business customers in Lancing, but we have customers all over the World who rely on us for all their printing needs, too!

For Business printing Lancing’s Ocean Press is all you need!

So if you need help or advice about business stationery come to us.  We make business cards, headed paper, clothing, handbooks, in fact if you want printing of any kind it’s likely that we produce it on a daily basis.

When it comes to business printing Ocean Press really care about our ongoing relationships with you. So, call our team – when it comes to a great value service come to us for business printing Lancing – one call does it all for you!

Printing Companies Lancing

Looking for Printing Companies Lancing? Come to Ocean Press for all your business printing needs.With over 20 years in the business Ocean Press, one of the foremost Professional Printing Companies Lancing area, reliably prints and delivers large and small orders for our local and international customers.   So when you’re looking for Printing Companies Lancing stop right here for superb printing services!

Printing Companies Lancing

Printing Companies Lancing

Experience counts and we care deeply about our products. When it comes to printing, we ensure that with competitive pricing and a reliable reputation for quality, we can produce the kind of printed products you want – with the exceptional care that our customers have come to respect.

Ocean Press Professional Printing Companies Lancing – for all your printing needs

When you’ve got printed material it has to be perfect first time. Not slightly the wrong colour, or blurry or indistinct – when high definition colour reproduction is what is required trust us – we have the means to supply you with a fabulous graphics and text to keep your company image and all your print fresh and standing out favourably against the competition.


Are you looking for


  • Business cards
  • Appointment cards
  • Publicity material
  • Leaflets, brochures
  • Stationery
  • Company Handbooks
  • Posters?


When you need high quality printing to give the best possible impression of your business, you’re looking for the best printing companies Lancing way – come to Ocean Printing for a quote for all your printing needs.


We offer the best high definition colour processes around with our high tech computer to plate technology. With stringent inspection of all our print runs we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the result.


Ocean Press based in Lancing offers a great variety of finishes from gloss, matt, textured, silver, embossed, you can even have VU varnish to enhance your strapline or logo, and we’re able to print on recycled paper too.


We can deliver your print run collated, numbered, glued, folded or perforated ready for instant use.


Our own trusted drivers and couriers deliver your order all around Lancing, Brighton, Worthing and Sussex as well as to our customers Worldwide.

Printers Lancing

Looking for Printers Lancing area?  Come to Ocean Press for all your printing needs.  If you’re a business in Lancing looking for top quality printers in Lancing area to create your business cards, posters, publicity material, leaflets, stationery, brochures Invoice sets Appointment cards Instruction leaflets Handbooks or more, come to Ocean Press Printers Lancing who take time and care to ensure that all your printing needs are met.

Printers Lancing

Printers Lancing

Your customers’ first impression of your business is extremely important to you. Often that first introduction is via business cards, stationery or publicity material. High quality printing speaks volumes about your business without you saying a word!  Therefore, it pays well to ensure that it projects the image that you want.

Printers Lancing with 35 Years in the Business

First impressions count and our high tech computer to plate technology ensures the highest definition colour reproduction – to perfection. We scrutinise every batch of business cards, flyers etc before they come to you because we know how annoying it is when you receive printed matter that’s slightly the wrong colour, smudged or blurred, etc.  We demand perfection and with Ocean Printing, your company image is safe in our hands.

Printers in Lancing Who Care

We take a great pride in our work and when it comes to pricing – there are no ‘hidden extra’s’ in our quote. Ocean Press, Printers in Lancing offer a whole range of colour printing services, and we’re happy to cover small print runs or large ones.  Every order receives the same attention and when it comes to finish, there’s a great deal of choice from laminated, gloss or matt, textured finishes, recycled papers or VU varnish to make the logo or strap line stand out.  We can collate and number, glue, fold or perforate the printed products for you so that they are ready to use right away.

Ocean Press, Printers in Lancing print and ensure that delivery is on time, every time. We deliver printed products locally via our own drivers or trusted couriers, around Lancing, Sussex and the surrounding areas  – in fact for some customers, we deliver worldwide!

Leaflet Printers in Lancing

If you’re looking for professional Leaflet Printers in Lancing look no further than Ocean Press. Our team can produce professional leaflets for your business, come for a chat to our friendly  leaflet printers in Lancing at Ocean Press. As longstanding leaflet printers in Lancing we can advise on all aspects of your leaflet design, taking your ideas and getting them onto paper quickly and efficiently and at a price which suits your budget.  If you’ve got a conference or exhibition coming up we commit to your deadline – and can even mail out the leaflets ourselves, giving you the benefit of a complete one-stop service.


Leaflet Printers in Lancing for all your Printing Needs.


Our printing company has been in Lancing for over 30 years and since we have continued to invest in high quality printing techniques and methods we are able to cover all the leaflet printing you require. Using the latest methods we take your ideas and design on computer and transfer to plate for best quality colour reproduction.  Send us your logos and information and we will get on with the job of producing high quality leaflets to promote your business or event.


Whether you require small numbers or large runs don’t worry – however large or small the job, our leaflet printers will get to work and every job gets the same amount of care and attention. When it comes to receiving your leaflets once they’ve been carefully made and checked in our factory we pack and we always deliver on time using our own drivers in the Lancing area or trusted couriers, so you get a perfect result.

Nothing is beyond our Leaflet Printers’ expertise….


We can produce leaflets in any shape or form, in full colour, with bright finishes so they will be eye catching and promote your event or business. If you’re stuck for ideas on designs, our expert leaflet printers in Lancing will explain not only how different colours will go together, but how they will look on different varieties of paper, to give you the best result for your money with high quality, state of the art printing services you can depend on.


Not only leaflets but many other items are quickly and professionally printed by our printers in Lancing. If you require any of the following printed matter please give us a call:

  • Headed paper
  • Colour brochures
  • Business cards
  • Handbooks
  • Posters
  • Order books
  • Folders
  • Newsletters
  • Application forms
  • Flyers
  • Compliment slips
  • Postcards
  • Leaflets
  • Envelopes
  • Invoice sets
  • Appointment cards
  • Instruction leaflets

Ocean Press – when we say we’re best leaflet printers in Lancing, it’s because, time after time, customers come back trusting us for more printing work, both their publicity material – and more office business paper printing.  Tell us what you need – and we’ll deliver it!


Find us at


Ocean Press Unit 1


Commerce Way


West Sussex

BN15 8SW


T: 01903 755571


E: kim@oceanpress.co.uk